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Re: Move a file to remote server

I've forgot trailing slash:

put -neweronly X:\path\ /targe/remote/path/

For all files in source directory:

put -neweronly X:\path\* /targe/remote/path/

Move a file to remote server

Use put -neweronly X:\path\ /targe/remote/path

/targe/ ---- are you sure it's not spelled wrong?

Ok I'm really a noob here. I'm needing to push multiple files. The connection to the remote sever is made in SCP and have successfully transferred files. I'm needing use the above to push all those files as they are updated. The name of the files need to be the same name as it is. Not clear on where to input this into the SCP.

Move a file to remote server

Firstly, thank you very much for this wonderful tool, do you have a command that moves file from local server to remote server?
I am new to WINSCP, would appreciate if you can send me the complete script

Thanks once again bro