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Dear Prikryl,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the slow response. I've tried enabling logging and re-running the sync and I've been unable to reproduce the problem - though I've no idea what has changed. Please consider this closed.

Thanks once again,

Re: Problem with Unicode filenames in WinSCP v5.7 over sFTP

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Problem with Unicode filenames in WinSCP v5.7 over sFTP


We recently upgraded to WinSCP 5.7 (Build 5125) from v5.5.6 (Build 4746) on some of our machines. There appears to be a regression of Bug 325 in the latest version as we have encountered problems with non-Latin characters in filenames which we did not encounter before the upgrade.

Local client: Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Connection: sFTP
Remote host: CentOS (I believe - I don't have direct access to confirm)
Interface style: Commander

The attached screenshots show the same remote and local folder been synchronised using WinSCP, using the same sync options were selected:

v.5.5.6/Win7; after completing the comparison the checklist window correctly identifies 23 files/folders which are different between the local and remote. This is the expected/correct behavior

v.5.7/Win2008R2; after completing the comparison the checklist window identifies 833 files/folders which are apparently different between the local and remote. Inspecting these the file actions generally appear in pairs:
- Delete a local file with the correct non-Latin characters in the filename
- Copy the same file from the remote, but with a mangled filename.

The comparisons were run at the same time, show there were no changes at the remote side that could account for the different behavior.

Although the two machines have different OS I do not believe this is the cause of the problem. The Window 2008R2 machine previously had v5.5.6 installed and behaved correctly prior to the upgrade.

Many thanks for your help.