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Re: SessionRemoteException: Operation not supported.

WinSCP does not download the file to calculate the checksum locally. It asks the server to calculate it remotely. But your SFTP server does not support "check-file" SFTP extension.

If you want to calculate the checksum locally, download the file and use SHA1.ComputeHash:

See also

SessionRemoteException: Operation not supported.

I was using library and when I tried to calculate the checksum value for a file at the sftp server, it can't and throws an exception as operation not supported. I have mentioned the algorithm as sha-1 and the code used is shown below.
session.CalculateFileChecksum("sha-1", "./" + file.Name);

There are no problem at sftp server as I can download the files and access them very well.

WINSCP version: 5.7

Have I done anything wrong over there.

Please help me on this and let me know how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.