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What prevents you from calling PowerShell from your batch file?

Thanks a lot for your answer, but I write on Batch, so I can't use Windows Power Shell or write the addons for WinSCP on .NET, I hoped that I could simply hide this message... That's sad...

Using WinSCP for synchronisation


I'm trying to use WinSCP synchronisation my project files with my remote server. I can create a folder at my local server, so it must be created at the remote server too after synchronisation. I'm using mkdir for every single file to create its folder if it isn't created yet. But if the folder exists, I've got an error that it's already exists (of course, because it's exists). I'm using

option batch continue

option before mktime, and

option batch abort

after. It's helped, but error message is shown all the same. Is there is way not to try to create a folder when it's exists, or flags to supress this error message, looks like -no-messages or -auto to automatic sunchro the files or something like this...

Thanks a lot!

P. S. And yes, I've read the There is so many files and I think it must be so slow to start WinSCP to check for every dir.