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Re: c#: Backgroundworker and SessionFileTransferProgress

Sorry, but this is a generic programming question. It has nothing to do with WinSCP. Ask at an appropriate site, like Stack Overflow. And you will need to provide more details about your code, as your current question is a way too broad.

c#: Backgroundworker and SessionFileTransferProgress

Hi guys,

I am trying to report the e.FileProgress and e.FileName of the SessionFileTransferProgress to my BackgroundWorker. How do I pass the BackgroundWorker to the function so that I can do:
bw.ReportProgress(Convert.ToInt16(e.FileProgress*100), "Transmitting file: " + e.FileName);
within the SessionFileTransferProgress function like so:
private static void SessionFileTransferProgress(object sender, FileTransferProgressEventArgs e)
    // Print transfer progress
    if (bolDebugMode)
        MessageBox.Show(e.FileName + " " + Convert.ToString(e.FileProgress));
    bw.ReportProgress(Convert.ToInt16(e.FileProgress*100), "Transmitting file: " + e.FileName)
    // Remember a name of the last file reported
    strLastFileName = e.FileName;

bw is the BackgroundWorker object I would like to send to the function. This is based on this example: In other functions I pass the BackgroundWorker like so:
private static bool emptyRawBackupFolder(BackgroundWorker bwWorker)
    bwWorker.ReportProgress(0, "Deleting files in RawBackupFolder");
    // some code
    bwWorker.ReportProgress(100, fileList.Count() + " have been deleted");