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Re: A simple Windows script. A simple list of commands.

You should have started here:

Anyway: /script=script.txt

where the script.txt will contain:

open ftpes://


The ftpes standard for Explicit TLS. Though you can also use open -explicittls (explicitssl is deprecated).

The easiest is to have WinSCP generate the script for you:

A simple Windows script. A simple list of commands.

We've had 4 of our company's top programmers working for hours on this simple issue:

We can manually execute and connect to our ftp server and execute ls to list remote
files (so we KNOW this can work.)

We need 2 files.
1. A Windows .bat (batch) file
2. All the commands that will execute

But apparently there are many strange (and undocumented) rules about what you can (and can't) mix on the command line.

In which of the 2 files would we place each of these 5 lines? (We've tried every imaginable combination.)

(Apparently we MUST use /explicitssl, but then are forbidden from using /script.)