ls command

Lists the contents of specified remote directory.



ls [ <directory> ]/[ <wildcard> ]


Lists the contents of specified remote directory. If directory is not specified, lists working directory. When wildcard1 is specified, it is treated as set of files to list. Otherwise, all files are listed.

Alias: dir

Effective options: failonnomatch

XML log element: ls


ls *.html
ls /home/martin


ls /home/martin/*.html

Converting to .NET Assembly

When converting script to .NET Assembly, map ls command to Session.ListDirectory method and print returned RemoteDirectoryInfo in your preferred format.

Parameters mapping: Command parameter directory/wildcard maps to method parameter path. You have to convert relative path to absolute path.

For example, following script snippet:

cd /home/martinp

maps to following PowerShell code:

$directory = $session.ListDirectory("/home/martinp")
foreach ($fileInfo in $directory.Files)
    Write-Host ("{0}{1} {2,9} {3,-12:MMM dd HH:mm:ss yyyy} {4}" -f
        $fileInfo.FileType, $fileInfo.FilePermissions, $fileInfo.Length,
        $fileInfo.LastWriteTime, $fileInfo.Name)

Note that this omits inode, owner and group as these are not available in .NET assembly.

  1. Only single include mask can be specified.Back

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