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Re: Transfer Settings

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Transfer Settings

I have 2 systems, each trying to transfer to a BSD box. On one system I'm using version 5.9. On the other, I'm using 5.9.4. I have a specific folder with various types of data (archives, images, text scripts). If I leave the transfer settings at defaule, everything transfers properly in 5.9. Images are viewable, archives are extractable, and scripts run. In 5.9.4, however, it doesn't work as intended. If I transfer the directory at default in 5.9.4 the text files are viewable but scripts don't run. If I transfer the directory as text in 5.9.4 then all of the scripts run but pictures aren't viewable. It's almost as if 5.9.4's default setting is Binary as it produces the same result as default whereas 5.9 transfers each file in the setting most fitting to it.

I hope this makes sense as its fairly confusing to me. I need to copy a folder have all of the file types usable as the type they are. This works in 5.9 but not in 5.9.4. Both systems are copying the same folder from the same location on the file server to the same location on the BSD box. The process is exactly the same. Can someone explain to me how to fix this? Thanks!