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I'm missing the same feature!

In case you're referring to the Windows 10 theme selection, that one does not target classic/Desktop programs, only the 'modern' stuff.
MS has restricted the uxtheme.dll so without hacking it (which brings additional problems), Desktop theming is limited.
Additionally, a dark theme will not be desired (or will sometimes look fugly) for all applications.

As far as making it easier on the eyes at night, consider using a software like f.lux which reduces the blueish component of the display color during nighttime. Note the Windows 10 has such a night mode, too.

Re: Night time color scheme

Cannot you just set Windows theme to dark? WinSCP would follow that.

Night time color scheme

I've been using WinSCP for a bit now however, the only thing missing for me is a dark theme for us nighttime keyboard bangers.

Most dev/support apps now support some form of dark theme for those of us that find the blaring white hard on the eyes at 3am (Even Chrome's inspector has a nighttime option).

I'm not requesting a total theme extension, just a secondary primary option that sets the entire interface to a dark theme (unfortunately the current view > color option is just too simple).

I'd be happy to volunteer to convert any gui graphics to a dark theme version if that would help.

Just for reference, I'm referring to something like (google images: "chrome dark theme"):