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Re: Log File as requested

Full log file please.

Log File as requested

Hello Martin,

I've attached a log file with failures with 2 CD's that I'm attempting to copy from my PC to the Raspberry Pi. Both of which fail

(As an aside I conducted another simple experiment copying two random CD's from the Pi's hard drive without apparent failure or error message.)

I'd welcome your comment.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Winscp Error code 5 with Rasberry Pi Jessie v8.0

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Winscp Error code 5 with Rasberry Pi Jessie v8.0


I wonder if anybody can offer any advice.

I've a fresh Raspberry Pi V2 1.2 with Jessie 8.0 installed and Logitech Squeezeboxserver 7.9.0 installed which appears to be running well.

( I've discovered that latter versions of Raspian evidently prevent the Squeezeboxserver running. Full history and thread here: )

I've an external usb 2.5 inch hard disk (via a powered hub) mounted in a new folder /media/music via fstab.

Prior to mounting the disk I manually added some FLAC CD's to the hard disk from a Win 10 computer to test. These play back fine with the Logitech Server.

I'm now attempting to remotely upload new CD's via my Windows 10 machine, using WinSCP (my preferred approach) .

(WinSCP Successfully used in the past with Vortexbox for downloading ripped CD's albeit running on a dual core Dell Vostro)

I continue to get the following error message from WinSCP after performing a CD copy

"Bad message (badly formatted packets or protocol incompatibility) Error Code 5 , Error from Server : Bad Message." See attached example image.

The fail is not instant though , a number of FLAC tracks appear to be copied before WinSCP complains, the result being a partially transferred / uploaded CD

Raspian Pi set to run at 700MHz

I've moved to the the latest WinSCP nightly build with no avail.

I've attempted to use BitVise and Filezilla to upload to the Pi with CD and get similar results. Partial file copying of the CD i.e. some tracks but not all.

I can copy files locally to the /media/music folder on the Pi.

SFTP selected on WinSCP, SSH enabled on the Pi, Tried the Pi at 700MHz, previously set to 900MHz.

Can anybody explain / suggest what might be going wrong here? It almost looks like a configuration issue/buffering ? ..., albeit a large number of files appear to transfer. At a glance the file sizes are the same between the Win10 computer and the Pi.

Should I have to configure other features within WinSCP ? Error 5 I hope is the key.

More information available if required.

Thanks in advance. (Electronics Eng. But Linux beginner)

(Also posted on the Raspberry Pi forum)