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Re: .transfersettings (like .gitignore) but for sync/transfer/keep remote directory up to date

Thanks for your suggestion.
Will see if more people ask for this.

.transfersettings (like .gitignore) but for sync/transfer/keep remote directory up to date


I'm using a sync and "keep remote directory up to date" commands a lot. I would like to have transfer settings (aka file masks) in a separate file for each project.

Reason is that many projects have different sync file masks. Keeping them in file (kind of like gitignore) would make it easy to manage.

I propose creating a file ".transfersettings" which WinSCP loads automatically when trying to sync or keeping remote directory up to date command in that directory. This would make managing different file masks a much easier. I could even check them to version control for each project.

Edit: I figured you call them "Transfer Settings" ( ) this means my proposal is fourth option for them:

A self contained file in a directory that contains the settings when syncing from that directory.

Thank you for considering.