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Re: Hotkey to copy IMG https url

In extensions options, you can configure it to copy the URL to clipboard without displaying the message box.

The next version of WinSCP will allow you to configure a keyboard shortcut for (any) extension:

In the current version of WinSCP, you can add the shortcut by editing an extension file:

Or I can send you a development build of 5.14, if you want.

Hotkey to copy IMG https url

Hello Guys,
is it possible to make a script to copy with: 'STRG + T' the HTTPS Url of a picture?

i have found this tool:

With it is possible to get https url, but you can work with it pretty slow and the window at the end where you can choose to open the url, copy the url, or just close the window is pretty useless for me.

A hotkey would be pretty great for me.

Could anyone help me do this?

best regards,