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I believe that WinSCP was working correctly the entire time, and that I was mistaking the changes that WinSCP was detecting for the actual uploads. Although it was noticing changes that did not meet the file mask, I don't think it was uploading them. I assume this is the intended behavior?

Re: Exclude all files, including only a few

Your mask looks good.
If you use the same mask with "Synchronization", does it select correct files?
If not, please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Exclude all files, including only a few

I'm using the 'Keep Remote Directory up to Date' feature with a filemask akin to
filename1; filename2

However, it keeps trying to upload all the files in .git. When excluding .git like so,
filename1; filename2 | .git/

it includes all files. I just want winscp to monitor for changes in 3 or 4 files, some in deeper sub directories than others. Can anyone help me do this?