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hello dear Martrin

many thanks - i will do as adviced - and i will copy the file.

btw: Where to put the file to. do i have to put this private key file to a certain place.

is there a certain process to _add_ this file to a path where the protocoll

a. can find it
b. will call it

note: The reported issue with the error (guess number 2) talks about paths that cannotbe found. guess that i have to clear up these things too.

so i will haave a closer look at the things and i come back and report all the findings.

geeeting martin ( aka opensuse man )
many thanks for all you did1!! i love winscp!!

That's a private key file. You have to copy it over from the old machine.

btw: giess

my SFTP server requires Public key authentication in addition to the password.

The old system had the key saved, either in FileZilla or in the system's SSH agent. This type of key is not saved in filezilla.xml but elsewhere. While Windows uses the Registry for the SFTP keys, Linux surely uses some kind of flat file.

well - dear Martin i guess that i need to salvage the key from the old system and transfer it to the new one, or, alternatively, re-obtain it from the server administrator.

what do you day !? Love to hear from you

hello dear Martin #

many many thanks for the reply - i all ways get error that the path cannot be found.
see the settings that i ahve opened on the old machine - the notebook that i have used for many years.

now - the issue is that i cannot port over the credentials ot the new notebook.... something is missing.......

see here the settings...:

erweiterte einstellungen fr Verbindungsziele

erlaube ssh agent weiterleitung
datei mit privatem schluessel

question : what does the file does - it is a filezilla_pass_file!?

see <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

i need your help

Re: winscp error code 2 file not found after config transfer

When do you get the error message?

Can you post a screenshot of the error message?

How exactly did you "transfer the config"?

winscp error code 2 file not found after config transfer

winscp error code 2 file not found after config transfer

have a new computer
transferrred the config to it - as winSCP.ini

got above mentioned error.
winscp error code 2 file not found after config transfer

what can i do - the path cannot be found - it refers to the old computer

love to hear from you