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Re: Issues Updating Files After Update 5.13.4

Then please talk to the server administrator. It's unlikely that we can help you with this problem.

Unless the problem goes away, if you downgrade to the version of WinSCP you were using before. But honestly, I doubt the problem is related to WinSCP update.

Re: Issues Updating Files After Update 5.13.4

This did not help.

martin wrote:

Please read documentation:

If that does not help, come back.

Update: I do not think it is with the update. I have another computer that is on WINSCP version 5 and it could not make changes either. When I edit a file directly from within WinSCP and save the changes, the changes are not reflected on website.

Anybody have an explanation?

Issues Updating Files After Update 5.13.4


I am using Windows 10 and the version I updated to is 5.13.4 Build 8731. SFTP protocol.

I am having problems with updating my website.
I have a file stored as .twig file that I normally temporary code for my website. I use it for a slideshow and change the slideshow when necessary. When I did the update. I signed back on the SFTP protocol on WINSCP...found my .twig file...modified as necessary...saved as usual...and it didn't reflect on my website like it normally does. Is there something that needs to be done so I can see the changes again?