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Still cant find it

I made an account :) but I still can not seem to figure out where this is :(

WinSCP v5.13.7.9125 give to way to set the encryption via SFTP

I have looked high and low and under every rock. I see no where that I can enable encryption lie the support forums and support documentation says. When I open WinSCP > select site > Login > Advanced : I see no encryption tab under Environment.

What am I missing?

WinSCP v5.13.7.9125
Server 2012
Using both GUI and Scripting

I have seen here and there where it says you have to enable encryption. I understand that you enable this by:
Open WinSCP, On login screen, select specific site > Advanced > then UNDER Environment I should see Encryption. I only see: Directories, Recycle bin, SFTP, Shell

Speedy help with this issue would be MUCH Appreciated.