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Re: Backup ftp picture

thank you very much for your answer

Backup ftp picture

Hello to all of you

I would like to save camera images recorded on an FTP server.
The cameras loop 100 images, one every 15 minutes.
So image0001, image0002 ...etc until image0100 and starts again at image0001.
I would like to make a backup of the most recent files every day but not to overwrite the files, I would like to rename the files as follows: images0001_timestamp.jpg of course automatically.

I already have a functional script for another task that I modified for this one but I have difficulty with the timestamp.
This is the order:
get -neweronly -preservetime /var/www/cameras/* D:\Backup\cameras\sauvegardes

If someone has a solution that could help me, I thank them in advance

Have a good day

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