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Re: Scripting / Automation With Jenkins DevOps

You have the question all wrong.
It should be like:
"open sftp://username:password@server_ip -hostkey=""ssh-ed25519 *****"""

I'm also not sure that you can use the ^ in Jenkins. That's a batch file syntax.

Scripting / Automation With Jenkins DevOps

Hi Martin Přikryl,
I hope you're doing well!
First of all, I would like to thank you to provide us this brilliant software.
I'm using this application for the last 2 years.
Currently, I'm have implemented Jenkins DevOps tools in my environment.
And In the CI/CD process, the deployment part is only taken care of by WinSCP.
till now I'm using WinSCP below mention scripting for auto deploy.
option confirm off
option batch abort
open sftp://username:password@server_ip -hostkey="ssh-ed25519 *****"
synchronize -filemask="|.svn/; E:\WorkSpace\PHP\abc\.htaccess; E:\WorkSpace\PHP\abc\wp-config.php" remote "E:\WorkSpace\PHP\abc" /home/project/abc

But now I need to add this script by in my Jenkins build process. In the time of the integration, I'm getting one error. I'm attaching the screenshot.
Please help me, it would be very match appreciated.
Thanks in advance!