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Re: Using Winscp to download file from SFTP in SSIS

Sorry, but "it is not working" is not working as a problem description.

Btw, WinSCP can download files with the current date in their file name on its own. No need to generate the name externally.
There's somewhat similar (although not exactly same) example here:

Using Winscp to download file from SFTP in SSIS

Hi Techies,

I am trying to implement solution in SSIS in which we have to download files from SFTP using Winzip.
Filenames in SFTP are like ABC_CNT_03_06_2019_02-05_AM.csv . Requirement is download the current date file. In that case we have to ignore the Time part in the file name.

Currently i am trying to implement the below solution:
1. Created a variable (User::Filename) in ssis to create the file name ABC_CNT_03_06_2018*.csv
2. In Execute process task : have selected C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\ in executable
3. Arguments : /script="F:\Upload.txt /parameter " + User::Filename
4. upload.txt have the below text

option batch on
option confirm off
open username:
get /%1% F:\downloadfolder
close exit

Trying to run the package but it is not working.
Can you please suggest further.