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Re: Transfer Settings, temporary removal of filters

You can configure any number of transfer settings preset you like in preferences:
You can than quickly switch between the presets, either using toolbar:
or on the Transfer options dialog:
On that dialog, you can also set ad hoc settings for a particular transfer, without modifying the transfer defaults (and having to reset them back).

Transfer Settings, temporary removal of filters

Filters can exlude some file types from transfer, however in some jobs we may need to bypass these filters. Right now, we have to open Configuration settings and delete one or all our masks. I believe it would be more convenient if there was a checkbox in the Download / Upload dialogues with the option to "disable masks for this transfer", or even with a list available by clicking an arrow to select a specific mask that would be temporarily ignored.

Since I have some time to post on this forum, let me congratulate you again for this great program.