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I'm sorry I do not understand.

if I brag under enlarged setting under cunning SCP/Shell ls-la/var, it indicates me the list var really and immediately. If I want then/var/www comes selecting the mistake:
Befehl 'cd "/root/www"'
fehlgeschlagen mit Beendigungscode 1 und Fehlernachricht
-bash: line 38: cd: /root/www: No such file or directory.

if I brag under enlarged setting under cunning SCP/Shell ls-la then everybody becomes! Lists read, this is not thus OK


In the appendix the protocol. I have extinguished there approx. 695000 lines there the appendix, otherwise, too big becomes.

Re: falls from with the list read in

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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falls from with the list read in

I can combine with by SCP. (Then Root list) are read approx. 700000 lists, then WinSCP (5.15.3 Build in 9730) does not react any more.
If I take a subdirectory by FTP everything goes really.
What can this be? Or where can one put down plentiful reading in of all lists?
THX Haxley

Ich kann mich mit per SCP verbinden. (Root Verzeichnis) Dann werden ca. 700000 Verzeichnisse gelesen, danach reagiert WinSCP (5.15.3 Build 9730) nicht mehr.
Nehe ich ein Unterverzeichnis per FTP geht alles super.
Was kann das sein? Bzw. wo kann man das massenhafte Einlesen aller Verzeichnisse abstellen?
Danke Gruß Haxley