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Ah THERE it is!! Thankyou so much. I don't like fancy screens which I wasn't using any special theme, just my plain old-fashioned one.
Thank you again. Yayyyy! I have my X close session back again!
Merry Christmas.

Re: Icon to end session

The X close button does not show on unthemed systems like yours.
Though I was wrong before. The Close session toolbar button was not removed. It is still part of the Session toolbar. You have that toolbar hidden.

Re: Icon to end session

I don't have an "X" on the tab in either of the left or right panels.
The only X I can see anywhere is a red X and that is to delete a folder.
The tabs themselves only show the name of the server I am connected to.

Icon to end session

Hi everyone,
I love WinSCP and just updated to the latest version, however I notice that there is no more [X] amongst the icons at the top of the right hand panel of the WinSCP screen to close the program. I know I can use F10 but the [X] used to be very handy. Could you tell me how I can add it, (if it is possible)?
Merry Christmas to everyone