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Re: S3 connector - Continuous alerting if SSL certificate is valid for only bucket adresses

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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S3 connector - Continuous alerting if SSL certificate is valid for only bucket adresses

We have an installation of S3 server in which each bucket is targeted with an address like
The SSL certificate is valid for "*", but the root is not tought to be accessible from outside and its address (from inside company's network) is "", which is not valid for the wildcard certificate
The result is that each time a request is done (open a folder, upload or download a file, etc.) a dozen of alerts is shown, with a message like
The server certificate is unknown. There are no warranties that the server is who declares to be [...] if you trust it and want to store the certificate click [Yes]
, locking all the opened sessions until you click "Yes" dozens of time for each operation.

After clicking "Yes" on all promtped warnings, normally the operations conludes successfully, but all that clicking makes WinSCP unusable...