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So please ask someone to do that for you. We cannot help you remotely.

Thanks, but I'm afraid that's beyond my skill level. I'm basically a "plug-and-play" type.

Re: New files seem to transfer in Win SCP, but my website doesn't update

First make sure if the changed file is actually transferred to the server.
If so the problem is not related to WinSCP.
To check:
Connect directly to the server console with SSH and see the content using "cat FullFilePath".
(assuming your web-server is Linux).

Thanks! I tried that, with no luck.

New files seem to transfer in Win SCP, but my website doesn't update

I've been using WinSCP for several years for my (very basic) website, and I always found it to be dependable, and simple enough for me to use (which means VERY simple).

I have a basic website with only html and jpg files, and I occasionally add or update files, and have never had a problem. Recently, I downloaded the latest version of WinSCP and attempted to revise a file, as I've done many times in the past. Everything seems to go as expected when I moved the new file, with no errors messages, but the new file doesn't show up on my website.

(To explain further, I had some text on my index.html page that I wanted to remove. I opened the file, removed the text, saved the file, and tried to transfer it using WinSCP. Everything looked OK, but the text still appears on my webpage.)

Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.