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It's not a bug on WinSCP side. But as it's a major server, and I doubt they will fix it, we might implement a workaround, if there's enough demand.
You can vote for it here:

Hey Martin,
Sorry for late response. I saw that you able to reproduce.
I wonder if you still need any log
Then I wonder if you think this is a bug to fix or would be a NoFix as it is kind of out URL spec but I think other would run into this issue too.

Re: [WebDav] [Explorer] Could not display or browse folder of special character

OK, I was able to reproduce the issue.

The thing is that when there is a # or + sign in the filename, OneDrive "converts" it to ^N or ^M in a URL:
<D:href> C^N</D:href>

What is strange choice, as while # and + have indeed special meaning in URLs and need to be somehow encoded, the ^ is invalid character in URL. So WinSCP (rightly) skips that entry as invalid.

Re: [WebDav] [Explorer] Could not display or browse folder of special character

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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[WebDav] [Explorer] Could not display or browse folder of special character

I using WinSCP to access OneDrive through WebDav.
Today I saw the bug where file/folder with special characters would not display on the explorer or tree section. I attached the image. Like folder of "Visual C#" or "Visual C++" is disappeared. If I force it using the Synchronize Browsing, it would somehow display until the "Visual C" of that folder and its children items' name.
Also I have a long file name that also not listed. I think it have 98 chars with spaces. Using Windows WebDav, I saw it name converted to ^J for many spaces at the end.
Also the selected item in Tree Directory would have black text on black background on Un-focus.
Sorry for long/multiple bugs report