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Re: I Got It Under Control

kamikaze_82 wrote:

But my question is why couldn't it be overwritten?

We cannot know. You will have to ask your server administrator.

All that the server reports back is:
550 Access is denied.

I Got It Under Control

Alright, so I seem to have countered the problem but it most likely seemed as if one of the .bat files that was transferred already existed on the server and I just skipped it. But my question is why couldn't it be overwritten? Thanks for the help though.

Re: Log File

Thanks for the log. But you did not answer my questions.

Log File

Here's the log file (Sorry for the REALLY late reply.)

Re: Files Are Not Transferring To Killing Floor 1 Server

Does the file already exist on the server? Does the target directory exist?

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Files Are Not Transferring To Killing Floor 1 Server

Hey everyone, I'm new on the WinSCP forums and I had no choice but to turn to the community for help. I can't figure out for the life of me why every time I try to add the Scrn Balance Mod it gives me a prompt that pops up and halts the uploading process and can't continue. The error it gives me is very unclear and there is no error code either. My guess which may be wrong is that the certain file that pops up there is being used by some other program or something along those lines? I never had this happen before. And I did also wipe the server to see if would go through with fresh files but no dice.