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.NET assembly: Session timeout - can't create temporary file

[Apologies for double-posting this from ".NET assembly / COM library" but this is probably the better place for it!]

I'm using the .NET assembly version and matching .exe with configured .ini on a Win 2k3 server and driving it from a web app.

I'm running this on a server over which I have no control, and after a long delay the session open raises an exception:

"Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond - Log file C:\WINNT\TEMP\tmp1CF4.tmp was not created in time, please make sure WinSCP has write permissions to the folder"

at WinSCP.Session.CheckForTimeout(String additional)
at WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)
at WinScpHelper.UploadFile(String fileName)

The process almost certainly doesn't have write permissions to the system TEMP folder as the server is locked down.

The .ini file is in the same folder as the exe and the assembly and the log/xml options are set off on Session > Logging, and on Storage for it to use .ini and a local Temp folder (and for .rnd) rather than system directory.

The code functions perfectly on my local machine, of course

Is there any other setting I can change? I'm puzzled by it creating a log file when that option is off. Or do I need to explicitly do this in the session open options? I couldn't see anything.

Many TIA.

Trying to open the .exe on the bin folder through windows explorer, it takes nearly 10 minutes before the login panel appears.