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Mail with logs – sent.

Great, I reproduced it.
Log sent with some more info in the mail.
I hope you are able to resolve this as it is very tricky.

OK, I just sent 3 logs, for each type of logging.
I hope it helps.
When I manage to reproduce also the saving problem, I will send again.

NOTE: I tried SFTP - and no such problem.

Please attach a full log file showing the problem.

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Yes, it is SCP.

I just want to add that this appears to lead to another very nasty defect.
If I have a remote file open for editing locally, and I save it while this remote panel is showing a folder that was deleted and re-created, then transportation of the saved file back to the server fails.

Re: Command 'ls -la ' failed with return code 2

What protocol? SCP?

Command 'ls -la ' failed with return code 2

Steps to reproduce:
1) On the remote panel, go to a folder with some files where you have full access
2) Have a terminal opened and "cd" in the parent folder
3) In the terminal delete the child folder and create it again (may also "touch" some files inside)
4) In WinSCP CTRL+R to refresh the remote panel
Command 'ls -la '
failed with return code 2 and error message
. not found.

5) Click OK
Result: Nothing gets refreshed
6) repeat from 4)
Result: Nothing ever gets refreshed, but the folder is there
7) In WinSCP navigate up the path, then down
Result: It does refresh without error

Windows 7, 32-bit; WinSCP 5.1.4; Server: AIX 6.1

WinSCP Preferences:

  • [x] Show inaccessible directories
  • [x] Automatically refresh directory after operation
  • [ ] Refresh remote panel every

Session option for "Try to get full timestamp" is disabled.