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@warfish: Ok, I'll consider this. Though I'd not compare WinSCP with an IDE (VS Code).

I'd personally be interested in exploring the top, right, left, positioning in Explorer mode and not the Commander (sorry for misunderstanding). As for unconventional placements like bottom or top, many applications, including Visual Studio Code, utilize various orientations for their functions. Different placements can sometimes enhance user experience depending on the context. For example screen positioning. Thanks!

@warfish: The tree can be places left and top. Bottom and right seem like a strange placement for me. Any example of an application that have such layout?

It would be greatly beneficial if we could reposition the tree view to the right, bottom, and top

RE : Tree views


I would love to be able to change the position of the tree view to be on the left side of the file list as well.



Yes, Explorer interface was better for me. Thank you.

Another thing about trees: program assumes a directory in tree view have no subdirectories when its content hasn't yet been fetched. Not until you have loaded the directory it can be expanded. In other FTP clients this is implemented opposite way - all directories have subdirectories by default. That way user can expand a directory right away not needing to load directory first. It makes browsing a lot easier.

Tree views

WinSCP should have an alternative for tree view position. For instance in Windows Explorer tree view is on the left side of the file list. I think it would be a better position than above file list. Computer display has more space horizontally than vertically.