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Re: 'UTF-8' encoding. Falling back to '1252 (ANSI - Latin I)' encoding

What is the issue? This is only notification.

'UTF-8' encoding. Falling back to '1252 (ANSI - Latin I)' encoding

How to fix this issue?

Re: Problems with the character encoding 1252 ANSI-Latin 1

WinSCP does not have a configurable character set. You can only select between UTF8 (what most servers these days should support) and Windows native encoding.

Problems with the character encoding 1252 ANSI-Latin 1

Dear friends,

I come from Spain (so, I use latín characters when I name files) and I use a ftp cloud storage server to sync all my stuff there. I think that WinSCP is what I was looking for but I've been getting serious problems with the current character encoding on WinSCP.

How can I change this character encoding from 1252 (Latín 1) to ISO 8859-1?. I know that 1252 included all the ISO 8859-15 characters but for some reason, I don't know, this encoding does not work properly with files named with Spanish accent marks. I found out this problem in SmartFTP also, so I could solve it using ISO 8859-1 instead and that is the reason why of my question.

I beg your help with that because the WinSCP Sync system changes all the accent mark file names and it messes up everything.

Thanks in advance.