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Re: Make 'Find Files' dialog modeless, or preserve history

Thanks for the suggestion. It's interesting "solution". Will consider it.

Make 'Find Files' dialog modeless, or preserve history

The 'Find Files' dialog is modal. This make it impossible to manipulate files in the main window while keeping the Find Files dialog open. Please make it modeless and have it close only when Close or X is clicked.

Selecting one of the search results and clicking 'Focus' closes the dialog, and when I click 'Find Files' again, I have lost all the search results and have to perform the search again. I want to be able to focus on any number of files from the search results in succession, not just one.

If you intend to keep it modal, at least have it preserve and display the previous search results within the current session when I open it again. That way, at least I can open the dialog again to focus on another file without re-doing the search.

Edit: I have noticed you answered this post (a duplicate, yes). I understand you feel that making the dialog non-modal (modeless) is too big of a change.

martin wrote:

Special tab or non-modal window are too big changes

May I suggest that at least the modal dialog could save the history (as described above) so that I don't need to do the same search again? I feel this might be a much smaller change, and will at least be a salve for those of us who are pained from losing the results all the time.