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First time with WinSCP

I've try with custom command like this: firefox.exe https://!@!/!
But this gen an url like: https://ftp.mydomain.xx/public_html/directory/file.html
so, i need to remove ftp and public html from url - any help on this? :)

yes, i can put a command like: firefox.exe https://mydomain.xx!/! - but this cause custom command compatible only with inserted domain, and, in any case, require rewrite via htaccess for /public_html/.

I think, for dev, can be simple to fix (eg, add "hostname flag + start directory/url" - thanks to this will be simple to generate a valid http(s) url and open with browser via custom command)!

Regards :)


I've try all!
I can setup this: http://!@!/!
but this cause issue with host starting with ftp.*
or entire host domain (h**p://mydomain.**), but this work only for specific domain.

And remain problem for root directory! I need to reconfigure my ftp access to point at public_html directory as root.
So, this is a great issue for me :/

Fireftp, instead, from many years have this (see attachment).
A simple setting in every website for host and directory.
If empty = actual winscp config. Otherwise this setting is valid for a menu called "open in browser.

So simple for a dev. I hope, one day, this can be added in winscp (in list from many, many years).

Kind regards,

First time with WinSCP

i've installed it for WebDab client on windows 10 (default webclient on win 10 seems to be bugged in some circumstances, ok with winscp).

But, this client seems to be also a great ftp... at this point - maybe - i can start to use insteaf of fireftp!

But... in fireftp i've a feature more mportant for me: "View on the web".

I cannot found in winscp (and in many other clients like filezilla and many, many other). Does this exist on winscp? :)

Thanks in advance,