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The command Upload/Download and Delete is still directly available on the Hot keys toolbar.

Re: Please, add back "Download and delete" button to right menu itself!

I'm sorry that you do not like the change. But we do like it.
You can use a keyboard shortcut F6 for a quick access.


version 5.8.2 beta

Please, add back "Download and delete" button to right menu itself!

Please revert GUI changes.
In the right pane(remote), I have to click 3 times to do it.
1. Right-click file or folder,
2. Move cursor to "Download"
3. Click "Download and delete"

It's makes me sick, I just want to go back to old version(which one is it?)
or, please consider adding "[X] Show all actions in right click menu" to Options.

>> Before upgrade:
Right-click file and click "Download and delete".
WinSCP download it in background, and when done files are deleted.

>> After upgrade:
...wha... what happened!?
"Hey, hurry up!"
I'm sorry sir, but WinSCP's GUI has changed. I have to...
"Shut up and do it! Fast!"
I'm sorry sir, I don't wanna work with you!