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Re: uploading jpegs

A common problem is that Windows is case insensitive, while *nix servers are case sensitive. So if your link says Image.jpeg, but the file is image.jpeg, it will work locally on Windows, but won't work on the *nix server.


uploading jpegs

I have only started using Winscp today so maybe this is a very elementary error on my part. I am uploading files to 1and1 for a website written with NetObjects 15, I am on XP. When I look at the website online the text html files have all uploaded perfectly but there are no images. I have just tried re-uploading all the images after a local publish from the left hand side of the screen using "Select all" but I get the message saying that "The destination directory already contains..." each and every jpeg. It would seem that the links from the pages to the jpegs are missing. There have been no changes made to the filenames, they are all exactly as they were originally.

Could someone please spot what I am doing wrong? Many thanks.