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Re: Session hangs and eventually closes and have to reconnect if there are trailing spaces in path

Do I understand right, that you are trying to open an invalid path (with additional spaces) and you expect WinSCP to fix the path for you? What what if you really wanted to open a path with spaces in its name?


Anyway, WinSCP should not hang and disconnect.

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Session hangs and eventually closes and have to reconnect if there are trailing spaces in path


Build verison I am using : Version 5.9.2, Build 6958.
However this has been there for a long time, but I am only reporting it now as i was expecting it to have been already reported and "will be fixed" in future releases.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Establish a remote SCP to any linux server.(i only have linux servers, so have to mention this)
2) Try to do a change directory on the session to which we have opened.
the directory we are trying a cd to should have prefixed /trailing spaces in the path (normally possible since we copy paste paths which are huge)
Example : correct path "/home/spn221" , path given "/home/spn221 " or " /home/spn221"
In both these cases , the session hangs and have to eventually reconnect.
As it is easy to trim spaces which are before or after a string, i feel this is a bug that can be fixed easily as the side effects are of serious nature or an error be thrown back that the dir is invalid.