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Access to Google Drive and OneDrive

Hi, I would like to use WinSCP for file management in my Google Drive as well as in my OneDrive. Which data do I have to fill in the data entry mask for the connection to make this possible? Thx a lot for your support.

Re: Cloud storage integration - Amazon Cloud Drive - OneDrive - Google Drive - Dropbox

Thanks for your thoughts. We will consider it.

(though rclone is Go application, so it's hardly re-usable for WinSCP)

Cloud storage integration - Amazon Cloud Drive - OneDrive - Google Drive - Dropbox

Hey folks!
I love WinSCP for what it is ATM, but it seems to me that much potential is wasted here. It is the perfect FTP client IMHO: Stable, fast, full of features. Miles ahead of any competition.
Only thing is: FTP/SFTP is becoming a standart of the past more and more. WebDAV, and much more, proprietary services take over. WebDAV integration is truely a huge step, but most cloud services dont offer WebDAV access, or only slow and unstable with many workaround required to access it like with OneDrive.

Of course it is a huge task to implement and maintain such APIs, but why not use other open source projects as base?
RCLONE for example does a perfect job for working with cloud storage, and all major services for personal AND professional use are integrated. An integration of RCLONE like you did with Putty would be a major game changer! Plus RCLONEs abbility to encrypt would be an abbitional bonus that many would love..

I am not a developer by any (serious) means, so this is just a post from an enthusiastic fan. But i think despite the great base WinSCP has, it will become more and more a niche software, and obsolent for the huge mass of people who use cloud services everyday.

Instead of staying a tool for webmasters, admins and the like, it could be a valuable tool for millions of "not so tech savy" people TOO.

I am posting this, because i have seen many great FOSS staying in their small niche until they outlived themselves because of their limited focus, instead of bringing FOSS to the benefit of the masses too. I believe FOSS is of major importance for a free modern society, even more after Snowden etc.. And having such a great base like WinSCP without making it ready for the future seems to me pretty sad..

Just my 2 cents..