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I have no problems using agent auth with Pageant from Putty launched with Ctrl+P from WinSCP.

However, it looks like there's more to your command line there - what is the full command? I notice a '!' at the end there?

Also it might be worth it to try to add -A to enable Agent forwarding although it's not really the same thing

Try to enable some debugging in Putty to see what goes on underneath.

Agent forwarding in putty doesnt work when session opend via winscp

I am using
Winscp 5.9.4
Putty 0.68
Pageant 0.68

I configured a host which can be successfully connected via SFTP.
winscp works like it should.

For this host I want putty (which I open via "open putty session" from winscp) to activate "agent forwarding".
So I adjusted the Putty default settings to use "agent forwaring".

when opening the session via putty (_not_ initiated via winscp), the default settings work for me and also the "agent forwarding" is active.
when doing the same in a putty session which was opened from winscp, it doesnt work.

I did some "debugging":
- loading the "WinSCP temporary session" from standalone putty, after I used it in winscp before shows me that the temporary session does not use "agent forwarding".

does this mean winscp does not take this setting from the putty defaults?