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This was my thread. I forgot I had an account.

My particular needs were somewhat unique and I found an alternative solution to my requirements.

So one solution I found was to do this:

Where I saved my session name as the same name as my keyfile so I could use this command.

kageant.exe keys\!N.ppk  -c  kitty_portable.exe !U@!@ -P !# -title "!N"

Perhaps would it not be useful to have a expandable variable specific to this requirement?

Something like !K perhaps that will expand a key name or key path defined in the session settings where you select a keyfile. This way you could also use the same command in the session options and if there is a pass phrase you will always be prompted for it when attempting a login.

kageant.exe keys\!K.ppk -c kitty_portable.exe !U@!@ -P !# -title "!N"

Then the particular issue of using a keyfile with portable kitty is overcome with the above command.

My other solution was a bat file that will load all ppk keys in a folder into kageant and then start winscp.

start bin\WinSCP.exe & for %%f in (%cd%\keys\*.ppk) do start bin\kageant.exe %%f


I also use keepass + keeagent that makes using pagent somewhat obsolete

Kitty Portable with ini file and keyfile does asks for password.

I have a portable winscp setup and I was using kitty portable alongside it.

Winscp has been setup to log in using a keyfile in the host profile ( no pageant ) and logs in fine.

I just noticed that in this setup Winscp will ignore the host key and kitty requires a password to login.

It does not seem to create the winscp default session either and appears that it will only work if registry keys are in use.

I don't want to use kitty + registry as that sorts of defeats the purpose of a portable solution.

Is there a way I can log into the server using Winscp portable + kitty portable when winscp is set-up to log in in using a keyfile?