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Re: WinSCP GUI: FTP login failure due to PROFTP server

Your post is bit confusing. You mention SCP and FTP, which are not related in any way. Also what is puttyFTP? Can you login and browse folders using any other FTP client?

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Re: WinSCP GUI: FTP login failure due to PROFTP server

Sorry, I posted the issue above as a guest mistakenly since I couldn't tell whether I was logged in or not.

Anyways, I wanted to clarify that the '/mnt/username' folder does not exist, so the server is correctly seeing that it doesn't exist. I'm trying to figure out why winscp is causing to server to try that folder.

Thanks again.

WinSCP GUI: FTP login failure due to PROFTP server

Using WinSCP Version 5.9.6 (Build 7601) (OS 10.0.10240 - Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB):

While I'm able to login via SCP (SSH) to the server, attempting to login into the server's proftpd service fails. Its a FREENAS server. Server logs say 'chdir("/mnt/myusername"): No such file or directory. Clientside, the WINSCP log gives '530 Login incorrect.' as the error. I'm using passive mode since that's default.

Now, if I try to login via puttyFTP, it works fine & the remote directory is '/'. I'm a member of the wheel group on the server, so this isn't a problem.

For some reason, it seems like WINSCP is appending my username to the default '/mnt' path configured in proftp in FREENAS server. Is there someway to turn off this appending of the username.

I've not absolutely no luck in resolving this via many google searches and am quite surprised. That is the only reason I've resorted to creating a new post. I'm stumpted. Any help would be incredibly appreciated.