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Re: Upload Speed to S3 limited to max 10 MB/s

We didn't optimize our S3 implementation for speed yet.

This issue is tracked already:
You can vote for it there.
Klaus Schmidt

Upload Speed to S3 limited to max 10 MB/s

I am using WinSCP quite often to access different AWS S3 buckets which works very well and is easy to automate with the configuration file.
Now I have a use case where a user need to upload up to 5 TB of data. I noticed that the upload to S3 is normally between 7-8 MB/s. Sometimes its shortly up to 10 MB/s but not more. I have a 1 GBit/s internet connection so I assumed to get at least 70-80 MB/s in upload speed.

When I upload the files directly from aws cli it works like expected so my guess is that there is a bug/limit/whatever in WinSCP. Anyone can help me here? Perhpas there are some hidden configurations?