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Cannot run script from command line or .bat file

Hi guys

I am very new to scripting and am having difficulty in getting my script to run. I have read through the guides, FAQ and forum postings and there must be something that I am missing. I need to download remote files to a specific local directory and then move the remote files to a different remote directory. The script is below.

option batch on
option confirm off
open StoredSession
cd claim
get *.txt h:\123\ABC\Temp
mv *.txt complete/
close exit

The script is called script.txt and is located in c:\Scripts
I have tried running the script from the command prompts as: /script.txt
AND /%Scripts%"\sctipt.txt"

in each case loads and requests the host. Ultimately I want to call this script from a .bat file so that I can automate the daily download.

I appreciate and help and advice you can offer.