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Re: Solved

Thanks for your feedback.


Yes we did try that and it did not work,but we found the issue and it was not related to the Winscp program.

After testing on a computer without our company image(which worked) we found that it was an Anti-virus Group policy that we have set up in the organisation, granting an exception solved the issue.

Thank you for the Reply :)

Lost Connection. Timeout detected. (control connection) Copying files to remote side failed.

We are trying to send some txt files for tax reporting with FTP using the currently latest Winscp client (5.15.5), we do however get the "Lost Connection. Timeout detected. (control connection) Copying files to remote side failed".This happends when the transfer has reached like 99% and its only when transferring larger files (more then roughly 100mb). when reconnecting to the host server we can see that atleast half the file has been transferred. we have tried alot of things that people have recommended in the forums but nothing have helped.

we are running windows version 1809

Here are the log files
filetransfer starts at 10:43:06.287

Any help would be much appreciated.