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Data Migration

I added a new C:/ drive to my PC. I never did a backup on my WinSCP on my old drive. My old drive is now Drive D:/
How do I import my old sites to my new installed version please?

Re: Thanks Martin, that did the trick

Did you manage to import your settings?

Thanks Martin, that did the trick

However, my darned computer is so locked down, I have no choice but to use the installed software.

Re: Cannot figure out how to import a WinSCP.ini file into a new computer (version 4.3.9)

You should not use 4.3.9 in the first place.

Anyway, once you start WinSCP with /ini=... (not /init=...), go to Preferences > Storage and switch to Windows registry. That will import the INI file (and remove it!).

Cannot figure out how to import a WinSCP.ini file into a new computer (version 4.3.9)

I have the WinSCP.ini exported from my old computer, but I can't seem to find an import option in version 4.3.9 of WinSCP. Off the Tools menu on the Stored sessions, there's an Import button, but that only permits you to import from Putty. Can anybody help. I know I can start WinSCP with /init=<path to WinSCP.ini>, but that applies only to that session, and the information is lost once I start WinSCP normally. I tried adding the /init to the command behind the desktop and start icons, but my machine is tightly locked down and I'm not allowed to do that.

Thanks, Keith