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Should have read closer

After going back and re-reading some other posts a few times I realized that answered my questions. I needed to put the asterisk on the end so it uploads the files not the folder.

Posting this here in case it helps someone else.

Put Files Copying Folders

I'm trying to copy some files to a remote server without including the local directories at all using Powershell, for example I have the script setup like below.

$localpath1 = "C:\folder\approved\"
$localpath2 = "C:\folder\results\"
$remotepath = "\"
$filemask1 = "*.xslx"
$filemask2 = "*.pdf"
$session.put($localpath1, $remotepath, $false, $filemask1)
$session.put($localpath2, $remotepath, $false, $filemask2)

I want these files to be put just on the root of the remote server put it's creating the approved and results folder and putting the files inside of them. How do I make it so the folders aren't created?