Why I cannot connect/transfer using script, when I can using GUI (or vice versa)?

There are two common reasons for that:

  • You run script from a different environment (under a different account/service; with a different configuration) than the GUI. See another F.A.Q.1
  • You have your session configured differently in the script and in the GUI.
    • Use a Generate Session URL/Code command to avoid common mistakes in manually typed URL’s or code; and to make sure all the settings from your GUI configuration is used in the script.
      A common problem is special characters in some part of the session URL (typically a password or a username).
    • Passphrase to an SSH private key is not a password, you need to specify it using -passphrase switch, not in a password part of the session URL.


You can also enable a session logging both in the GUI (on Logging page of Preferences dialog) and the script (using a command-line parameter /log) and compare the logs to find out what is different. Use a command-line parameter /loglevel=* to enable a password logging and check if a correct password is used.

If you decide to seek a help, make sure you provide both complete logs, when describing your issue.

See also:

  1. Although it covers a different topic, its recommendations are valid for this case as well.Back

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