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Re: Error when saving multiple files

Your account probably has a limit on a number of opened parallel connections.
You can decrease number of connections WinSCP will use in preferences:

Error when saving multiple files

Everything seems to work without issue except for when I have multiple files open in an external editor and select 'Save all' after editing them. I do not get an error if I save each file, one-by-one.

I encounter the same issue with both EditPad Pro and Webuilder2020. The server is CentOS 7 and I am using a non-root login. I am using SFTP connections because I encountered an issue with SCP although I can't remember what the issue was.

Attached is the error.

I searched this forum and the Internet and found a couple of related articles but I'm still baffled.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot. Can someone walk me through the steps, please?

UPDATE: Now, I cannot connect to the server with that same account. I'm getting the same error message. I can however connect with root and different accounts.