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Simple File Transfer by Name using filemasks(Sync Local)

I've looked through the docs but I have to be missing something. I'm not trying anything in-depth, I just want to only download from the remote side based on the file name if it's not on the local machine (sync local). I don't believe I am using filemasks correctly. In this example I would have multiple new files that begin with the string test in (/home/user/Complete/). I would want to sync locally (C:\Users\User\Desktop) any new files that begin with test from that server.

Here is what I have:
option batch abort
option confirm off
open scp://username:password@x.x.x.x
synchronize local -filemask="test*.*" C:\Users\User\Desktop /home/user/Complete/

Simply put, if I had 5 new files beginning with the string test I would like them to download from the Complete folder to the Desktop folder locally when the script is ran.

*side note, when I run it - it does connect fine, and it will download, but it is not downloading specific files based on names starting with test. Right now there are folders in that Complete directory and it will download/sync just the folders (empty) + the files I wanted. Can I negate it with a flag from trying to download the empty folders?