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Re: How to get last n days files from SFTP Folder using C#

If you want to filter the files by time, use the RemoteFileInfo.LastWriteTime property:

Like this:
session.EnumerateRemoteFiles(SFTPRootDir, FileNamePattern, EnumerationOptions.None)
    .Where(file => !file.LastWriteTime => DateTime.Now.AddDays(-N))

How to get last n days files from SFTP Folder using C#

I'm Downloading the files from SFTP to the local folder based on the
System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<RemoteFileInfo> MatchedFiles =
    session.EnumerateRemoteFiles(SFTPRootDir, FileNamePattern, EnumerationOptions.None);

Here FileNamePattern is the fileMask pattern one can pass and transfer file to local path.
Here I need add one more filter like by passing last n days as variable and download last n days files.

Here client can pass either of the one filter like he can pass only FileNamePattern or last n days filter

FileNamePattern filter will be like *.txt
How can get the solution.