RemoteFileInfo Class

Represents data about a remote file.



Namespace: WinSCP

public sealed class RemoteFileInfo
Public NotInheritable Class RemoteFileInfo


Name Description
FilePermissions FilePermissions File permissions. Read-only.
char FileType File type. - for regular file, D for directory, L for symbolic link, etc. Read-only. See also IsDirectory.
string FullName File path. See also Name. Read-only.
string Group File group. Read-only.
bool IsDirectory Is file a directory? (i.e. FileType is D). Read-only.
bool IsParentDirectory Is it a reference to a parent directory (..)? Read-only.
bool IsThisDirectory Is it a reference to this directory (.)? Read-only.
DateTime LastWriteTime Timestamp of the last file modification. Read-only.
long Length Size of the file in bytes. Read-only.
int Length32 An alternative to Length. Particularly useful for COM hosts, that do not support 64-bit integers, such as Visual Basic. Throws OverflowException, when the file size cannot be expressed using 32-bit integer. Read-only.
string Name File name. See also FullName. Read-only.
string Owner File owner. Read-only.



Name Description
string ToString() Returns Name. (Overrides Object.ToString().)


This class can only be instantiated by the WinSCP assembly. To get an instance of the class, call Session.ListDirectory or Session.GetFileInfo.


See example for Session.ListDirectory.

Real-Life Examples

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