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Re: Program path changes with new versions

That's how the Microsoft Store works. We cannot do anything about that.
But the WinSCP Store package adds winscp.exe to the search path. You can use that (with some limitations) for scripting.
See also Cannot locate COM executable.

Thanks for supporting WinSCP development!

Program path changes with new versions


I am using WinSCP from the Microsoft Store in a script. The path given in the app seems to change whenever there is an update. So, recently it changed from ...MartinPikryl.WinSCP_5.21.5.0_x86... to ...MartinPikryl.WinSCP_5.21.6.0_x86...

This is a problem when it used in a script as you need to keep changing the script.

Is there a way around this so that the path remains constant?

Thanks for any help!